Frequently Asked Questions from Massage Therapists
Do we have to pay any kind of fee to sign up? 
There are NO sign-up fees. Our company does not charge anything to the Massage Therapist to become a Provider. You will also gain FREE access to our network, scheduling software, website, and mobile app.
I notice that there is something about checking social media. Is that just to make sure we don't do illegal stuff or engage in wild behavior? 
Yes. We use a background screening company that checks to see if there is any trace of illegal business practices. The assurance to the massage client is that the Provider they choose has been vetted by us. There is no issue with 99.9% of therapists that use our Provider resources. It is that 0.1% we want to make sure is not trying to game the system with illegal practices.
I'm curious, how many Therapists receive clients from you? And, how many massages have you sold?   
We currently have over 200 Therapists nationwide and hope to double that number by the end of 2020. As of October 2019, we have sold more than 200,000 massages.
Do you work with any person providing massage services?
Our program is for Massage Therapists working from a physical location. We provide new clients to the individual MT or to the whole practice. We will only work with a person who is legally allowed to practice Massage Therapy in their State. This is usually limited to Certified or Licensed Massage Therapists, though some States do not have such requirements. Additionally, we perform a background check on each prospective Provider.
I read that the clients are pre-paid customers. How does that work? And, how do I get paid?
We advertise and sell the client a 60-minute massage (sometimes add-on modalities, too). The client gets a voucher code. They schedule an appointment with you using that voucher code. When you provide the massage, you mark the code "redeemed" in our system. Pay is transferred daily via direct deposit.
How long will it take to begin getting new clients after I complete the sign-up process?
Your client-flow will build. It usually takes about a week, but it depends on the area. At some locations, we have clients waiting for the next Therapist to be added. Once a Provider is added to other areas, we have to wait for the marketing to begin reaching new clients for you. Plus, the strength/quality of the clients will increase as we focus on retaining those clients for you.
 Will you really send me clients for free?
We guarantee you more new clients for free than any other contractor program currently available. You will also gain FREE access to our network, proprietorial scheduling software, website, and mobile app. Not to mention DAILY PAY!
You mentioned that your company takes a percentage. How much do you pay the therapist?  
Since there are a variety of ways that we generate clients, pay varies according to acquisition. Once a client becomes a Member, though, you receive 100% of the agreed-upon massage price--not to mention add-on modalities and tips. Again, it varies, but this means you can easily receive triple what Groupon pays a Massage Therapist. Sorry, I can't be more specific at this point. Please fill out the form on our page and watch the videos for more information.
How is Results-based Marketing used in getting clients? 
We don't charge marketing or advertising fees. We pay these costs ourselves to attract clients and to offer 60-minute massages to prospective clients. Once these marketing efforts have produced a result (a purchase) we retain a percentage of the purchase price and give you the rest. The percentage is higher on our side when we acquire the new client. Then, you get up to 100% of purchase prices when the customer makes additional purchases as a Member.
Will an MT that signs up have to work as "Massage Advantage"? I have a location and operate my own business, would I have to operate then as "Massage Advantage"?.
No, you are still your own business with your own business name. We simply supplement your current customer flow. We've had some MTs choose to establish under the Massage Advantage name (like a franchise-type thing), so you might see them online like that. Just so you know, all of our advertising is done so that the 60-minute massage is purchased through Massage Advantage. We pay you to provide the massage that was purchased. You will be listed on our website (with your own provided profile) so clients can find you in a specific area.
What are the informational videos you mentioned?
When you fill out our contact form you'll get to a page with our company's informational videos that explain the concept and the marketing models we use. Video titles are:

Video #1 - Building Your Business with MA's Model
Video #2 - Yes, You Can Earn $50K and More Annually
Video #3 - Using Results Based Marketing + Compensation
Video #4 - What's The Deal With Memberships?
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